Submersible pumps—Replacement and Repair of all makes.

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Water Laterals

Installation of new and replacement water laterals, using either polycoil or type K copper

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Driveway Ramps

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Pressure tanks—We service all makes and models

Printable instructions here to recharge your standard pressure tank

  1. Bypass water treatment equipment.
  2. Open – cold water faucet.
  3. Drain tank, until air is coming out of drain faucet.
  4. Close main valve on outlet side of pressure tank.
  5. Fill pressure tank with air, until 35 psi on gauge.
  6. Turn on power to the submersible pump.
  7. Open main valve slowly to bleed out excess air trapped in plumbing.
  8. Place water treatment back into service.
  9. Close – cold water faucet.
  10. Mark on pressure tank, date of recharge.

Water Samples and Chlorination’s

Printable instructions here to properly chlorinate your well

  1. Bypass all water treatment and filtration systems
  2. Open well cap, and carefully remove wires to a side of the well casing (careful of the 230 volt wiring)
  3. Pour the calcium based chlorine into well (one cup per 100 feet of well depth)
  4. Using an outside faucet with garden hose attached, run water down the well for 20 minutes.  Make sure to wash down the well casing and associated plumbing in well. (do not get the wire connections wet)
  5. Turn off water, and remove garden hose from the well casing.
  6. Carefully place the wires back into the well and replace the well cap.
  7. Shut off main valve at pressure tank for 24 hours.
  8. After 24 hours have lapsed and with all water treatment and filtration systems still bypassed, open the main valve at the pressure tank and run the garden hose into the ditch or lawn until the water is clear and no odor or taste of chlorine is present in the water.  This may take a few hours, but no less than 2 hours.
  9. Place all water treatment and filtration systems back into service.